Clinton County Electric Cooperative, Inc. exists to provide safe and reliable services to benefit our member owners.

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Utility Easements

All member owners are expected to grant right-of-way easements on their property, so that the Cooperative will be able to serve all members. No payments for right-of-way easements are made since all members benefit. Granting easements is just one way of helping your Cooperative keep overhead costs down.

Tree Trimming and Cutting

Trees, despite their beauty, can be a hazard in providing reliable electric service. CCEC conducts a year-round line clearance and right-of-way maintenance program. This program is conducted in cooperation with state and county road authorities and our members. Any trees, brush, or other obstacles that are near our electric lines should be reported. The Cooperative will attempt to clear these hazards before a wind or ice storm causes prolonged outages. Each year, the careless felling of trees causes several expensive and unnecessary outages. Responsibility for the damage to Cooperative property rests with the member. Please contact us for assistance in felling trees near our power lines. There is no charge for this assistance when there is a possibility of damage to our electric lines.

J.U.L.I.E. ~ Locating Underground Electric Cable

Although most electrical lines are overhead, some underground services are provided by CCEC. You should always locate all underground facilities before digging or excavating. When notified 48 hours in advance, there is no charge for locating underground electrical facilities. A simple telephone call to JULIE could save you from a dangerous and expensive accident. Many people are unaware that JULIE does not actually do any locating for themselves. They merely contact all of the utilities involved so they can locate their own services. Also, most locates end at the point of service (which is the meter or point of service connection). Anything beyond the point of service is the customer’s responsibility. Call JULIE at 811 or submit a locate request online at

Backup/Emergency Generators

CCEC welcomes the SAFE use of backup generators by members on our system. We do ask that all members have their transfer switches installed by professional electricians to ensure the SAFE operation of back-up generators. Tips for the installation of generators are available from us, so please contact us for a copy of the recommendations.

Meter Testing

The electric meter, which measures the amount of electricity (kilowatt-hours) that you use, is a very precise and accurate instrument. A regular schedule of testing is maintained by CCEC, so that each meter is kept clean and in good working order.

Broken Meter Seals or Evidence of Tampering

All broken meter seals should be reported immediately. Only Cooperative authorized personnel are allowed to break a meter seal. Tampering with a meter, unauthorized connections, or diverting electric energy for the purpose of reducing kilowatt-hour registration is an unlawful act. This is punishable by imprisonment or by a fine or both.

Life-support Equipment

If you or a member of your family depend upon life-support equipment, please notify us as quickly as possible so we can flag your account as needing priority restoration in the event of an outage. This notification is by no means a guarantee that electric service will not be interrupted, but if it is, we will work to restore your power as quickly as possible. Arrangements should still be made on your end to have a backup power supply to provide power until we restore your normal electric service.