Clinton County Electric Cooperative, Inc. exists to provide safe and reliable services to benefit our member owners.

475 N Main St.

Breese, IL 62230
7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Core Information

The People of the Cooperative

18 Full-Time Employees and 9 Members of the Board of Trustees comprise the core of Clinton County Electric Cooperative.  All of the people listed below can, and will be able to help you with any and all questions or concerns you may have. Please contact us if there is anything we can help you with.

Tim Hanke, Chairman
Rob Gerstenecker, Vice Chairman
Kevin Wiegmann, Secretary/Treasurer
John Becker, Trustee
Cary Dickinson, Trustee
Steve Kalmer, Trustee
Kevin Kampwerth, Trustee
Rodney Timmermann, Trustee
Joe Voss, Trustee
Bob Kroeger, President/COO
Craig Benhoff, Foreman Lineman
Ron Deien, Mechanic
Mike Faust, Foreman Lineman
Jacob Haselhorst, Journeyman Lineman
Justin Hubert, Journeyman Lineman
Jared Kampwerth, Engineer
Brenda Knolhoff, Billing Coordinator
Mike Korte, Field Services Technician
Ralph Kuhl, Manager of Administrative Services
Sam Kuhl, Apprentice Lineman
Ahren Langhauser, Technical Services Supervisor
John Schroeder,  Journeyman Lineman
Katy Singler, Member Service Representative
Brian Taylor, Operations Superintendent
Carrie Trame, Member Service Representative
Doug Vonder Haar, Leadman Lineman
Kyle Wiegmann, Journeyman Lineman

Basic Stats

Miles of Energized Line, 1,065

Members, 5,140

Meters Served, 6,200

Full-Time Employees, 18

Date Organized, Dec. 31, 1939

Lines First Energized, 325 Miles of Line Energized on Mar. 26, 1940 to 684 Member-Owners

Illinois Counties Served, Clinton, Fayette, Madison, Marion, St. Clair, and Washington

Area Served, 560 Sq. Miles