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New, Larger, More Informative Billing Statement

As promised, CCECI deployed a new billing statement to the membership with its’ September billing. The new bill presentation is certainly different and definitely more informational. Here are some of the notable changes that were made:              

#1 – A graph displaying the usage of the current bill, as well as the previous 12 months. Now you can easily see historical trends in your energy consumption.

 #2 – A breakdown of the Facility Charge(s).  In the past, these were combined if you had more than one.

 #3 – A breakdown of all of the individual energy charges.  Again, these were lumped together on the old bill style.

 #4 – Average Daily Consumption and Average Daily Cost, another tool for members to monitor their usage and costs.

 #5 – Late Charges shows the amount of money you can save by paying your electric bill before the due date.

 #6 – Not shown – The entire back side of the bill includes definitions of terms used on the bill, a list of services offered by our Billing Department, what to do when your power goes out, and how to pay your bill online.

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